Selfish in Italy

Today I received a disturbing email from announcing summer countdown!
Why disturbing one would ask? Because we want to spend the month of August in Italy and no booking was made so far!
We need to book the flights from Kuwait but also hotels, yes plural as we want to visit several cities: Rome, Florence, Venice, Bologna( best food), and I want to see Naples, Capri and the Amalfi coast…, we also need to figure our transportation and decide on the itinerary 😰
Here’s what is wrong: am I planning to be stressed ? Is this the right thing to do for an unforgettable summer with my family? Are the kids going to like it or a tone of complains and moaning is ahead of us ?
The problem is that I wanna see it all! I’ve always dreamed of touring Italy, and I don’t know if we will have an other chance to go back there in the future, I want to get the most of it! Et here I go again using the 1st person as my husband noticed yesterday, he says that it feels as if I was planning to travel alone… Help! I am being an egoist and selfish wife and mother … What can I do about it? It is MY dream after all 🇮🇹



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